close to the aperture [chair]

[chair] bringing it all back home now plays. i am sat, as i was saying, at the kitchen window on a chair that was given to me – as a sort of thank you & farewell, an aide-memoire, i suppose - by my boss of many years (& one of the dearest & most inspirational, … Continue reading close to the aperture [chair]

close to the aperture [ufo]

[close to the aperture] did i ever tell you of my ufo experience? are you sure? lord knows, any veering of conversation in the direction of the ethereal, the ‘beyond the curtain’, of ‘otherness’ – particularly (oh, I’m sure you know me well enough!) after a glass or two - will have me steering almost … Continue reading close to the aperture [ufo]

close to the aperture [sunlight]

[sunlight] i won a classroom competition at primary school for a picture i painted of lyme bay. miss morgan said that the rendering of the sunlight striking the sea was particularly impressive: pale rods falling at the diagonal from dark clouds into diamond sparkled water. it is rather similar to the way the sunlight appears … Continue reading close to the aperture [sunlight]

close to the aperture [pasta]

[pasta] an average fly, fleeting tourist, enters, threads, laxly, close to the aperture. every so often it settles on the pane & wanders about its surface taking in this or that wonder. the blue & yellow tug boat trudges back up river against the tide having seen off the colossal container ship to the north … Continue reading close to the aperture [pasta]

Saints of The English Year – St. Blaise.

February 3rd. St. Blaise was widely popular in Britain from the eighth century to beyond the Middle Ages, although nothing for certain is known of his life. He is believed to have been Bishop of Sebaste in 4th century Armenia, but stories of his martyrdom and miracles are later inventions. According to these stories, while … Continue reading Saints of The English Year – St. Blaise.

close to the aperture [skateboard]

[skateboard] the window, sashed, allows the cool breath of the river & a stream of pale sunlight to spill through. blonde on blonde plays. a young man passes below. he has a rucksack sat low on his back, a peaked cap, reversed, a filling beard. there is a skateboard clutched between his arm & cottoned … Continue reading close to the aperture [skateboard]