Notes From a Fragile Island. 14

February 3rd 2001 (Carshalton) Now that the electricity has been cut off we have taken to living by candlelight and eating oily special fried rice takeaways. I have broken up and burnt the shelves in the garage and have been slipping out under cover of the night to saw limbs from the pines, but the … Continue reading Notes From a Fragile Island. 14

Notes From a Fragile Island. 13

January 29th 2013 (Lyme Regis) The dreadful crow and his beau downstairs continue their miserable existence and in doing so they make my life miserable, too. The endless rows over pennies, the irrational paranoia, the poor music choices, the language, even the laughter rankles. I wouldn't mind the language, I rather admire a person who … Continue reading Notes From a Fragile Island. 13

This is the sign.

Sam, seven hundred and twenty days now haunched on the blue blanket in the abbey square, the railings of Saint Hilda's shoring him up. He arrives every mid-morning, avoids touching the crowd on the streets with a nimble dance step, a side step, a series of hops and feints and bounces. He lays out his … Continue reading This is the sign.

All Kinds of Everything.

One lunchtime in early 2006 I called on Magic Sam and he said to me, "We had the manager of The Fall in earlier." Really? Sam worked in Beanos (the sign above the door proclaimed - 'The largest second-hand record shop anywhere') and for many years this was the place to hang out. If you … Continue reading All Kinds of Everything.

Notes From a Fragile Island. 12

January 21st 2007 (M25) The M25 is, as I have suspected for some time, more than just a motorway that encircles London and the surrounding suburbs: it is a dark magic that ensnares. It cannot be coincidence that once beyond its grasp the air becomes breathable; the sky, bigger; the scenery, vibrant - so vivid, … Continue reading Notes From a Fragile Island. 12

Notes From a Fragile Island. 10

January 11th 2005 (Croydon) More flowers in the alley between George St. and Park St. Condolence for a kid killed by a bouncer at Flares: Goodbye m8. God Bless. Gutted. RIP. The bouncer was charged with murder on January 1st - what a way to start the year! The news doesn't surprise. I witnessed from … Continue reading Notes From a Fragile Island. 10