Dream diaries…5

South Croydon.

May 11th 2017.

Preparing to play a gig at Angela F’s bedsit. The room/kitchenette is a tiny recreation of Bishop’s Wine Bar. I soon realise that I haven’t brought my guitar (of course!). I remember that Jim R has one in his garage. I walk over to his place. The thing hasn’t been played for about a decade & all the strings are rusted solid.

When I get back to Angela’s, she is handing out tuna wraps to all the guests. Ronnie comes over to say hello. “Come and say hello to Thomas,” she says. Thomas is on a videolink. He is on a beach in Brazil & he has a new son. His son looks like Billy Zane! The link is broken & we cannot hear each other.

Sarah S arrives. She is dressed in a red dress & is very slim.

May 12th 2017.

Cycling around a strange town with two girls on the back. We stop outside a building & one of the girls says, “I see what you mean about these flats.” I look up. There is a noisy crowd on one of the balconies. They all wear cardboard masks attached to their faces with sellotape. They are throwing bags of drugs down on to the street. Suddenly, gunshots ring out along the street & I cycle off.

May 15th 2017.

Walking toward a beach I take my shirt off. It is warm & so I decide to swim in the sea. The water is flat. As I walk to the shoreline Esther S & her daughter pass by. They are happy & wearing sunglasses. I call out hello, but they don’t hear me. I step into the water & start to swim.

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