Behind the curtain

Rabbit gazed with fairly no unease, like this, over the awkward shapes issuing, one by one by one by one from her own soft mouth and she sounded (to these hot ears) to be speaking from just behind the curtain; almost-present. She roller coasted her eyes around her nose and I liked it. So, she said it again. This time with feeling. “Waldeinsamkeit.” La dee da dee da! I said she’d have to explain it for me. She explained it for me in her own bright way.

“Quite exquisite, no?”

Walking the beachfront later, watching the breakers, I whispered it again. Wondered what she really meant. Such is language. Something lost in translation is found behind the curtain.

I call her Rabbit.

Yes, quite exquisite.

12 thoughts on “Behind the curtain

  1. Waldeinsamkeit indeed!

    I know it’s not entirely related but I was saying only yesterday how much I love how logical German is. Wald means forest and einsam means lonely so accompanied with the photo it seems a fitting word for the setting 🙂

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