dream diaries…10

January 29th 2009 (Sussex Rd)

I’m throwing a party in a large & luxurious flat! There are many rooms & each one is filled with people. The sound of music & conversation & laughter fill the building. everything is bathed in bright light. Outside the large windows the world melts into darkness. Sam F & I are talking. Suddenly, I realise that the flat isn’t mine! The keys in my pocket belong to someone else! I look around me & now I see that I don’t actually know most of the people here! Panicking, I put down my glass of wine & leave before the real owners return!

Now I’m on a motorbike. The beam from the headlight illuminate the trees on either side of me as I speed along. I wonder whose bike this is! The night swallows me up as I make my escape.

January 30th 2009

… I spot him from the upstairs window. He looks angry. He bangs on the front door & shouts through the letterbox. He has a guitar on his back & he looks like Keith Richards! He is dressed in pale blue & white cotton robes that flutter in the breeze. I decide not to let him in & so I slip out the back door & go to the library. It is a glass cube building spread over many floors. Somehow (______) has followed me. I can see him through the glass floors below. I manage to avoid him from room to room & between floors but, because the building is made of glass, we eventually bump into each other. He is cold & psychotic. He toys with a red penknife.

January 31st 2009

Sam F is developing his stage technique! He swings a glass of beer around his head. It is attached to a microphone lead. He draws the crowd in beneath its orbit. Everyone crouched low to avoid being hit with the glass – or else, so as not to spill any of his drink!

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