dream diaries…30

July 23rd 2014 (Kimpton Park).

I am on my way to see Joel R in Cornwall. I have his pet mouse with me. It is a long journey & I stop off many times in tiny little coffee shops. Inevitably the mouse gets lost. {I manage to convince myself that this is a dream. I wake up.}


July 25th 2014.

Driving through an orange coloured field, trying not to wreck it. When I look closer I see that it is a field of pumpkins. At the far end of the field is a shop. I am going to start working there. The shop is owned by a balding, ginger haired man (not unlike Mark S). I pretend to know what we are selling.


July 28th 2014.


{vivid} Mum finds a chest of wooden drawers on a bus. I am with a smiling woman. She is a friend of Sean G’s. She explains to mum that the drawers are very special, so I take them to a carpenter in the town -why?- The carpenter has a moustache & ginger hair. He says that the work involved will cost 38 haircuts. This seems a ridiculous amount! “The drawers are special,” he says. “They are Tudor.” He opens several ‘secret’ compartments & the box vanishes!

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