dream diaries…33

dream diaries…36January 4th 2018 (Whitley Bay)

I’m really rather surprised to learn that Mik T & Angela F have been appointed the position of Lighthouse Keepers of Saint Mary’s. Good for them! When I arrive on the tiny island they come outside to meet me. I have many questions prepared regarding lighthouse keeping. There is, also, the chance that I may become stranded by the returning tide, meaning that I would have to stay overnight in the lighthouse.

It is soon dark. The waves begin to swallow the rocks. It is, surely, too late to get back to the mainland. Somehow, I have strayed too far from the lighthouse! I discover that I am trapped already on a tiny outcrop – the lighthouse is in the distance, as is the mainland.

A herd of goats & camels live on the rocks. They are chained to the rocks to prevent them from straying into the sea & drowning. On the far side of the small island I find a collection of rowing boats. I inspect them – some are waterlogged. Some are too small – infact, several of them are merely the size of Converse boots!

I row across the sea toward the lighthouse. The night is dark & the sea rises & falls around me. I can taste the salt. Eventually I reach St. Mary’s. I go in. A great storm commences. The three of us sit around the turning light at the top of the building as the storm rages around us. We are safe.


January 7th 2018

Nick B leads the charge. The horses of his regiment are dapple grey. The trumpets blare and cannons flare. Tony B stands on a hill in the distance. He choreographs the battle.


January 12th 2018

Kissing a slim, German woman. Our teeth clash! As we kiss a man taps me on the shoulder, “I’m going to bring the cupboard.” He repeats this over & over. The woman & I disappear into another room & climb onto a huge bed. We pull the blankets up over us & start to undress. “I’m going to bring the cupboard! I’m going to bring the cupboard!” – the bugger is under the bed!



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