dream diaries…40

September 25th 2018 (Brockley Woods)


At last! Graham T. turns up. He is heavily tattooed – which is a new and surprising look for him! It is shocking to behold! Spirals and dots and stars and doodles in black ink cover his body. “My wrists,” he says. “I keep clear.” He flashes his wrists. They are white. I am tempted to say that this is the best bit, but I think better of it: he has put a lot of effort into all of this work. “I started with this one,” he says. He shows me an egg in an egg cup on his elbow. It is very poorly executed. “Oh,” I say. “Do you like boiled eggs?”


September 26th 2018


In Berlin. I am at the door of the Johann Hotel. It is late at night. The concierge won’t let me in. As I push on one side of the glass door, he pushes at the other. He wears a reversible waistcoat & a huge pair of headphones. “I’m staying here!” I shout, but he cannot hear me. A light comes on in the flats opposite, a window opens & a woman calls across the street. “Hey! You! Come here!” So I do.

In her appartment it is warm. She sits on the sofa & I straighten her hair. But, when I look up into the mirror, I see that the other side of her head is curly! “Please leave,” she says. So I do.


September 27th 2018 (Tynemouth)


Kate Mc says, “Sort it out!” She is whisking a huge bowl of eggs. The mixture spraying everywhere. Her sleeves are dipping into the bowl. “Your sleeves,” I say. “Don’t worry,” says Kate Mc. “It’s a shirt I borrowed from you.” This is particularly amusing to her.

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