dream diaries…41

September 28th 2018.


One evening I am out walking with Jackie S & Kelly H. We visit different bars. It is Jackie’s birthday & she has no money, but that’s OK because we have pockets full of notes…& it’s her birthday anyway. At last, at the edge of town, we find a bar that we like the look of. We go in & take a table & run a tab with the barman. He brings tray after tray of exotic drinks: tall fluted glasses rammed with fruit & ice & straws & little paper umbrellas. What fun! When we eventually go to pay the bill… we have the money & we leave!


September 29th 2018.


In a tall & convoluted house with red carpets in every room, I find a blue, plastic toy doll that, with the flick of switch, can be animated. It’s a little like those Tamogochi dolls from some years ago that kids would play with. Ah, but it wails & it throws its arms around! So I put it in my pocket & this seems to sedate it.


Small children run from room to room, playing. I say, “Be careful playing on the stairs.”


September 30th 2018.


Sneaking round a university campus at night. It is on the other side of Waddon Pond. For some reason I am wearing a girls’ long, blue, cardigan. “Nice dress,” says a man in the corridor as I pass. “Do you know where the bathroom is?” I say. “I need to get changed.” He directs me – left, right, second left, second right – etc.


Eventually, I find a door that says BOYS. Two students are showering together. I apologise & leave. Now I find myself in a dirty broom cupboard. There are several of us in here. We are all watching a programme on the television that is propped up on top of all the cleaning products.

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