My 5 favourite October bloggers…


Sharing the love a little with a list of my five favourite October bloggers.


  • Samantha Lucero @sixredseeds / Pumpkin heads bloom in the dark night fields at the edge of the freeway in Sixredseeds’ amazing southern gothic shorts: murder, mystery & magic through a bloodred lens. Seek!
  • Gary Alikivi @garyalikivi / Prolific documentary maker, rocknroll, social historian, documenting northeast English music/arts scene with interviews & memories. Canny!
  • Tanja Britton Writer @tanjabrittonwriter / A window opens onto Pikes Peak & beyond. Breathtaking nature photography & lithe writing that delivers. Sunshine on the mountain tops! The birds are singing in the trees!
  • Jason Likes To Travel @jasonlikestotravel / No nonsense travelogue. Everyone loves to receive a postcard!
  • Waxy Lyricist @therimesoftheancientnortherner / The rimes & times of the not-so ancient northerner. Deft short fiction & tight lyrical poetry. Word up!



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