dream diaries…44

October 17th 2018


Jayne L and I are paddling a canoe upriver. The warm, dark water breaks over the bow. There is a long and low, wet, wooden jetty stretching out from the dense green bank. It would be hidden in shadow if not for the strings of fairylights draped along it. We paddle up alongside.

Within the jungle, simple huts, painted white. I open a door and duck beneath the threshold. Several women are in a sauna. Steam or sweat glistens on their bodies. Peaches are passed around and eaten.

Back in the canoe. Someone floats, facedown in the water. Black hair floats. There are rags tied into their hair. A Chinese symbol is revealed to be tattooed on their crown. The body rolls over – it is Grant H! He is dead, but explains that he came out here for one of George N-X’s parties many years ago. His death, when mentioned, is a surprise to him!


October 18th 2018


The navy are in town. I fall immediately under the spell of a sailor. She wears a square collar and is crowned with brown hair that she wears clipped up on top of her head. She says, “Always enter beneath the rigging.”


October 19th 2018


There are tiny footprints in the sand in Edwards Bay. Barefooted, two pairs. They end at the lip of water. The sea is so flat, millpond. Its mirror collects the clouds, sun & contrails.

“It’s all in the offing.” I turn around and Joanne L is in the distance on top of the cliff. I hear her words in my head. This makes me laugh.

A great pink cloud of flamingoes fly over. Their movements are so uniform & graceful. They fly straight out to sea. Out toward the horizon.

The water suddenly shatters. A shoal of mackerel rise & fall.



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