dream diaries… 48

November 14th 2018


Casey A is in the kitchen. She is eating toast & looking out the window. I give her a gift. It is a shiny, blue button. The button is threaded with red cotton to a knuckle sized cube. The cube is made from tiny bamboo sticks plaited together. It is a good gift! She takes it. She plays it round in her hands; studies it closely. Eventually, she says, “What is it supposed to be?”


November 15th 2018


Great trouble trying to decide which sunglasses to buy from the comedian, Rich Hall’s stall. The trouble is that there are so many to choose from. It is 6pm & he wants to close.

“Here,” he says. “Try these.” He hands me a pair of green, hornrimmed shades. “I can’t rock these,” I say. “I’m not in The Cramps!” We scour the stall. I sense that he is desperate to close. The market place begins to empty. Eventually, in desperation, I say, “I’ll take these.”

“Good choice,” he says.

But, as I pick them up, I see that they aren’t sunglasses at all. They are a pair of blue pants!


November 16th 2018


Nipper S & me are at an outside bar. It is busy (a cross between an Xmas market & The Boxpark at Croydon). He is trying to order us drinks. I am trying to tell him that I would like a cranberry juice. But he keeps laughing & orders two large whiskeys. We sit on stools at a upturned barrel & talk. Eventually, finishing his drink, he says, “Don’t you want that?” I hand him the whiskey.


There is a tunnel engineered into the side of a mountain. I never realised before that it was there. Traffic passes through it.


I am wearing a Breton short.


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