dream diaries…51

December 4th 2018.

Pete S. phones from Scotland. He is on one of his walking expeditions with the Christian Fellowship. He says he would have sent a postcard, but there are no postboxes. He sends a generic photo of a postbox (?) as if this were some proof. “What about the scenery?” I say. “Well, there isn’t any.” The Christians, he tells me, are ill-kitted for such a hike. “Typical!”


December 6th 2018.

Long & convoluted explanations about the workings of [something]. Many diagrams on scraps of paper.


Dad arrives at the flat. He is laughing, but he is annoyed. He produces a bag of carrots from his bag. I am very surprised to see him. The gist of the matter is that I have, somehow, pissed him off – the carrots being some sort of proof. The flat seems to be bathed in a strange & beautiful (filtered) light and I feel that I should try to explain the reason for this to him. He rants on & on about carrots!


December 7th 2018.

The internet is actually an invention of a very Heath Robinson nature! I am at Land’s End – all the silly and cynical trappings are so much more in evidence than they were the last time I was here in 2004: the signposts to various parts of the world (all the distances are wrong), the burger bars, souvenir shops (signposts). They are selling (old coffee) jars filled with sand & seawater. Joe F. is serving in the shop. We chat while he bags up jars for an endless queue. Eventually, he closes the shop for lunch & shows me a room out the back. It is where the internet is run! – a collection of cogs & spindles.






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