The Shale Basin.

The shape of The Shale Basin,

soon to be wintered, shading

the bed of the Puget Sound,


etching, at anchor, an orbit

in the near-frozen water,

caught between kelp and canopy of cloud.


Low, early December sunlight

casting long shadows, shafting

the surface; an ever-complicated dance.


Slow repetition, return and feign

of steel links rising, animated:

the patient stir and rise.


It’s a slow grind education,

this is what we find.

‘Hejira within the hejira.’


Turning on the Puget Sound.

– Howling!

We will lean and learn the breeze.


The bell peals, harmonious.

I will become

the buoy in the bayou.


I will come when you whistle,

on a quilt beneath the trees.

I will rhyme with leaves.


4pm (8am) – a great formation –

of geese – a long shadowed V

across the Puget Sound.


Dali could have painted these.


And below, in your handmade,

on The Shale Basin.

I will orbit you


as you dream…

Here is the corner

where the breeze comes through.


And, here, the salmon ladder.

Hand over hand over hand

up another rung. And ranging.













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