dream diaries…52

December 13th 2018

Bath, or an approximation of. Pete B is sat on a bank of grass near the river. He is eating a sandwich. I go over and say hello.

While we talk, an Asian man (possibly Yags) comes over and speaks to Pete. I say hello but he seems reticent to speak to me. Pete and the man are in deep conversation and I sit awkwardly picking at the grass & watching the river. This goes on for some time until the man finally says to me, “I got a spanking from my dad because of you.” I’m mystified. He tells me a story from years ago – from the time I lived in Bath (95-00): Alaster G & I had gone into his father’s shop on Walcott Street. We were drunk. He says that his dad threw us out of the shop & that there was a huge shouting match.

I seem to have vague memories of such a thing happening. But I am worried that he has just made me think this: I can’t figure out if this happened or not. It seems unlikely, but, with the mention of Alaster & drink it has a certain truth about it. I feel very embarrassed.

The man says that he forgives me & we all walk through the city to his place of work. The atmosphere is quite friendly now. But, all the time I am still not convinced that the story is true.

Out the back of a restaurant or cafe. It is busy. He introduces me to his brother. His brother says, “Oh, I remember you from years ago.” The two brothers laugh. Lee N turns up, produces an old camera & begins to take black & white photos of all four of us. The photos are pinned to the walls.


December 15th 2018

I take a bus out of the city & eventually get off in the middle of a forest. The bus drives away. There is no one around. The birds sing in the trees, but I can’t see them.


Old canvas knapsack.

I walk into the forest.

Several old Portakabins have been wedged together into an L shape. I go in.

It is an empty office/reception. A desk, some chairs. There are posters on the walls. The windows are dusty, so I begin to clean them with my sleeve. The sun pours in & the room becomes light.

Shadows of trees play on the wall & floor & ceiling.

I am pleased (& surprised) to see that one of the posters is my Guided By Voices one from home.

Evening. I have built a fire in the corner of the room. I have a broom & brush the ashes back into the fire as they fly.

Casey A arrives. “This is my sister,” she says. She points out the window & there is a girl with pigtails driving a tiny red tractor in circles between the trees. We sit by the fire. The tractor appears at the door. It is noisy. The girl is saying something to us, but it is difficult to hear over the sound of the engine. All I catch is “- John Deere.” This seems to be highly amusing to the sisters. She drives off into the forest & we make a bed out of leaves.


December 16th 2018

There is a fishing competition at The Cobb. The anglers sit cheek by jowl along the length of the seawall – legs dangling over the side. I join them. I am sat next to Alan T. He hands me a fishing rod. “I only came to watch,” I say. “Don’t be silly,” he says.

In a few minutes I catch a ‘gruber’ (?). I lay the fish in a box at my side. Soon, I catch another. I remove the hook from its mouth & lay it with the first one. I notice a sign on the box that reads ‘Gruber & Froid Allowed’.

I wonder how the fish feel as they die in the box.

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