dream diaries…53.

December 19th 2018

Spending some time at Nick B’s house. He lives a structured life. I notice that he completes several crosswords every day. The Times’ Cryptic included.

A list of clues:

‘Rename, rename!’ 6 (the answer being, obviously, rename!?)

‘keeps us on land and sea.’ 4/7 (ship builder)

‘early morning shopping trip’ 4/7 (head charger)

I sleep in a large spare room. In the morning he is making something in the backyard. I watch through the window. He has a very loud drill and the neighbours are angry as it is early. He makes a mess of whatever it is he was trying to do. When he comes in he looks embarrassed.

“It’s tricky fixing fences,” is all I can say.


December 20th 2018

Casey A and I are at a bar. Jimmy Pursey (lead singer with Sham 69) barges through the crowd and stands next to us. He wants to find people to be involved in some sex party that he’s organising. I find this quite ridiculous – partly as he is Jimmy Pursey, lead singer of long forgotten Sham 69, and also because of the nerve of him! He begins to whisper in her ear. After a while he disappears back into the crowd. He is frantic. “He’s lost his phone,” says Casey A. “Let’s go before he gets back.”


December 21st 2018

Wake up late! I am in a panic. I find a whole collection of strange alarm clocks beneath my bed. Oh, damn! It’s 11:30. I rush into the bathroom and begin throwing water on my face. Behind me, in the mirror, George NX appears. He is as surprised to see me as I am him. But every time I turn around to speak to him, the room is empty. He is only in the glass. We speak in the mirror.

He has a lilac Brompton bike at his side.

The basin is impossibly small – and actually it seems to be getting smaller. Water runs everywhere. George NX holds up a plug on a chain and says, “This should work better.” But, every time I turn the room is empty.



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