close to the aperture [pasta]

an average fly, fleeting tourist, enters, threads, laxly, close to the aperture. every so often it settles on the pane & wanders about its surface taking in this or that wonder. the blue & yellow tug boat trudges back up river against the tide having seen off the colossal container ship to the north sea sometime earlier. broccoli heads, roughly diced, severed asparagus buds, slithers of fresh ginger & crushed garlic, clutter the chopping board; though I have yet to bring a pan of water to boil in which to steam them. last week i bought & boiled some thing called ‘courghetti’ – simply lengths of shredded courgette purporting, (incorrectly, i felt, after consumption) to be a substitute for spaghetti – but this evening it will be good, old-fashioned pasta for me!

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