close to the aperture [another competition]

[another competition]
october 1970. after assembly, as we filed from the hall, we were each presented a daffodil bulb wrapped in screwed-up newspaper. we were given, at the end of the day, a little plastic pot and a paper bag of soil. we were told to take all home, plant the bulb in the soil in the pot, and keep all in a dark place until spring.
march 1971. each bloom was brought back to school on st. david’s day (01/03/71). each flower was displayed in the hall, lining the walls, during the day – 100 pots, 100 daffodils, 100 pieces of paper, 100 names – and, as we took our classes, the flowers were judged by miss morgan.
the 5 best daffodil growers received a colour photograph of their flower (just the flower, not with student standing proud beside it!). 5 colour photographs. the next 20, the runners-up, received a black and white photograph. 20 black and white photographs. the remainder of the school got to keep their flowers to take home again! the five winners’ flowers were replanted in the soil at the front of the school. the 20 flowers were planted at the back. i won a black and white photograph. it was a strange competition.

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