Run As Fast As You Can, Bear.


Google ‘busted boilers’ and discover that the pressure has dropped. I watch the short video several times and eventually brave turning strange levers clockwise/anti clockwise… quite surprised to find that I fix the issue. Hot water! Heat!

The house seems empty. The people in the attic flat have moved out – this would possibly explain the furniture in the communal hallway; the detritus of movement; the realisation that either the removal van isn’t big enough, or the realisation that some of your possessions are surplus to requirement: a kind of rental fly-tipping. I often wonder at the amount of stuff that I’ve left in various attics over the years when I’ve moved on. The country, the world, must be made up of attics (and garages, gardens, cupboards and communal hallways) sagging under the weight of discard. Hence, I suppose, the programme, ‘Cash In The Attic.’ (not that I’ve ever seen this programme, having left my TV in an attic in south London in 2012).

Mike (downstairs), also seems to be away.

The two medical students and their yappy dog in the tiny flat next to mine seem to have moved out, too while I was away. When I mention this to Malcolm he says, “Well, that’s the effect that you have on people.” I laugh, but I frown a little.






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