dream diaries…69

August 12th 2019.

A cramped and busy hair salon. It is furnished with many of those old primary school desks and companion wooden chairs that are far too small for an adult. Everyone is hunched over a desk and have to hold their own mirror up in front of them. It is noisy.  The staff are all familiar faces from Beanos (the record shop). For some reason I am covering for Keith O’ K who has hurt his arm. He stands behind me and gives instructions on how to cut his clients’ hair. He whispers potted histories into my ear about each successive client, which is a little annoying as I cannot hear them. All the haircuts are bad. Magic Sam stands to my right and cuts hair. He is drunk and I am surprised (or not) at how bad his work is!

“She likes it shorter at the crown, longer at the fringe,” says Keith of the woman before me. I begin to cut her hair, ignoring his instructions. She is a tiny old lady. The haircut is ridiculously out of shape. I wonder how on earth he – or Sam – have managed to get away with this for so long! Why don’t they stick to selling second hand vinyl & CDs?


August 13th 2019.

There is a party at King Edward Bay. The beach is illuminated with many bonfires, shadowy people, laughter. Despite its popularity it has not been planned very well as the tide is high and the weather is rough. I am stood at the top of the cliff looking down on the dismal affair. Huge waves smash against the rocks below extinguishing fires and soaking partygoers. There are voices out in the dark bay: cries for help and general complaints!


August 16th 2019.

An evening art class at Van Gogh’s (the barber shop!). It is a popular event – more so, in fact, than the daytime business! This evening the teacher is Jo L. She is showing the class how to stretch canvases over frames. The constructed canvases are the size of postage stamps.


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