dream diaries… 87


Thurston Moore was becoming tired of being told what he should or shouldn’t do in the band. He began to give serious thought to going his own way. Lee was always on his case these days at rehearsals – “Hey, Thurston, turn it down a bit, mate. I can’t hear myself think!” He was sure that he had caught Steve giggling about some of his lyrics on more than one occasion. As for Kim, well the moaning didn’t stop at the studio door. At home she constantly nagged him. “Thurston, the yard needs sweeping.” He despised the way that when they were alone she would no longer speak in her hot NY accent, but let it drop for something that sounded quite foreign and guttural and ugly to him; Welsh, possibly. On top of this she never came near him and insisted that he sleep on the sofa.

He spent the rehearsal worrying about his guitar playing. I suppose he was developing something of a complex about it. While the rest of Sonic Youth shattered the studio air he found himself more and more so sat on the floor tuning and retuning his guitar or playing quietly on a GameBoy in the corner near the Coke machine. He realised at last that he was in danger of being squeezed out of his own band. So, maybe it was time to jump before he was pushed…


Cath S has a market stall at Tynemouth. She sells blue, french denim boiler suits – exclusively! That’s it! Just boiler suits. She has cleverly pegged a dozen or so up on a clothesline, creating a section where people can go and try them on in privacy. I decide that I might try some on. But I remind myself that I must get a small one if I decide to buy one as I am fed up with clothes that don’t fit.


Jayne L is doing the rounds, visiting everyone before she leaves for Australia. She has heard that the Communist Party are making great inroads out on the west coast. Also, Jeremy Corbyn, it turns out, is a keen surfer, too. She arrives at the flat with a large brown paper package (yes, tied up with string) and dressed in the pale blue 1950s summer dress that she used to wear a lot when we first met. Her hair is hennaed and bound in the red scarf that she favours. She looks amazing.

The package turns out to be for me, so I unwrap it. It is a pile of neatly folded pieces of material. We spread them out on the carpet. They are silver and gold squares, and each one has, embroidered into the centre, a series of tiny, concentric lines. These turn out to be grooves.

Jess C is in the other room. She is playing records on an old Hacker turntable. I gather up the sheets of material and take them through as I realise that they can be played on the record player. When the cuts of cloth are draped over the Hacker and the needle dropped onto them they all play Bob Marley’s Chances Are – which, apart from being quite a feature for a piece of material, strikes me as very clever and apt!

24 thoughts on “dream diaries… 87

  1. Dammit. Why can’t I have cool dreams like your Sonic Youth dream. Moore should have turned it down. I attribute at least some of my hearing loss to a 2002 show that the volume made my head spin.

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      1. Makes a lot of sense. I mean, mostly it’s just one’s brain working overtime – or working anyway, but in a more abstract way – don’t you reckon?

        Lots of word puzzles & pictographs.

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  2. Kim and I used to live in the same hood. I never saw her up close, different blocks. Would see her drive around at times. I miss SY bull in the heather baby. I live by the belief that it’s best not to meet our heroes in person. I still love SY 🙂 I love the rhythm of this piece. Thanks for sharing friend xo

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  3. How odd! I’ve never listened to anything by Sonic Youth. Ever! Maybe the word ‘youth’ made me feel disentitled to explore their output.
    I’ve never listened to anything by Teenage Fanclub either. Probably for a similar reason.

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    1. Ah, Bill! Excellent!
      You did pass through my mind earlier!

      How odd indeed!?
      I know exactly what you mean – however, imagine having to be in either of those bands now. At whatever age they are?! So, I guess we get off lightly.

      I still wear my SY tee (Goo) on occasion as it is a stone cold classic print! My Teen Fanny one I gave up with some reluctance a decade ago (which was probably a decade too late!!)

      Oh, man. All you need is SY’s ‘Daydream Nation’ and TF’s ‘Everything Flows’ and you’re laughing!

      Good to hear from you mate.
      (Bog Dylan Appreciation Society)

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      1. Thanks for the music suggestions Nick!
        There’s a mischievous synchronicity at work here, though. What should be the first song along this journey of discovery? Why….it’s “Teenage Riot”!
        There’s some interesting guitar playing on their songs – lots of notes which sort of …. shouldn’t really be there, but still sound good.
        (if that makes any kind of sense)

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      2. Hey Bill, do excuse my shadiness in getting back to you. I was holding you in abeyance so as i could write something arch and witty, but, due to my brain not working, that all went out the window!!

        Ha. I should’ve noticed that about the opening track of DN. Hmm, mischievous! It is a good album still, I think – and, as with a lot of albums, it holds a certain period of time in mind. Cool cover, too? x

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      3. …and still no word from Bog about our sensitively curated album? Perhaps he disdains concept albums, which isn’t surprising. Concept albums were renounced in … gosh …. 1972 or thereabouts.
        Maybe this could stimulate a revival.

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      4. …Bill, well, the post is all over the place presently. Perhaps it’ll still turn up??

        …Ah?! Now I see where I my have scuppered things…I wrote Bog that we had made a conceit and not a concept album…eek?! (sharp intact of breath).


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    1. Hmm.
      Well, it’s an all-in-one, step-into & button-up outfit. Not always, but generally, lightweight denim: it’s workwear essentially…for painters/decorators and the such.

      (wow, that taxed my brain! :))

      Thanks, NLL. Stay ace!

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      1. Thanks! After I asked in my comment, I finally remembered hearing the term in a Bryce Courtenay novel. In the States they are referred to as overalls🙃. Well, that was fun, thanks for playing! Best to you Nick!

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      2. Overalls seems to me to be a far more easily digestible description, Liza: doing just what it says on the label! I’m guessing boiler suit originates from some naval heritage (engine room clobber?) – as about, oh, only 80% of English phrases and idioms seem to!

        Pleasure! And thanks for the BC pointer –
        ‘The Milky Bars are on me!’

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