UFOs I See.

i imagine her, right here, in this room

and i will dance beneath her moon:

she’s so intriguing.


i wish that she would bend my ear.

send some clue, some word, some whisper:

something psychic.


if this appears to be

something that you don’t wish to see,

then i could disappear.


but i hear and i hear and i hear…


there’s another world out there –

full of see-through folks beneath their sheets.

and i don’t care to be their trick or treat.


so if a girl with a wand and a cloak

can make a boy disappear in a cloud of smoke

and then reappear as a ghost… will he float?


will he float

just like those ufos i see

every time you glance at me.

like those ufos i seek

every time i hear you speak.

like those ufos i hear

every time you come near.

like those ufos

every time i feel your heat.

like those ufos

every time we meet.


like those ufos i see?








13 thoughts on “UFOs I See.

  1. Those chords in the picture indicate this is a song, Nick. Is it a song?
    I only ask because it’s easy to imagine the line ‘like those UFOs I see’, with the right melody, being one of those ‘goose pimples down the arm’ song moments.


    1. I’ve been recording some songs the last few weeks. But as to whether it’s a goose pimple moment…

      As Bog might say, “It’s all in the mix, Bill. It’s all in the mix.” !

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hope you don’t mind, but I looked to see if you’d put anything on Soundcloud. Well you have, and it’s really good!
        Did you get onto Tom Robinson’s show via his Fresh on the Net site? (I think that’s what it was called). He used to have a page where you could vote, each week, on a selection of new songs, and the winner would be played on his radio programme.

        Liked by 1 person

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