cameras to me

she wrote a poem once and maybe i’m deluded but i thought it was for me.

she wrote – oh – a thousand poems in her time and none but this one were for me.


i looked into her grayed eyes and that day they were cameras to me.

i looked at her lips and that night i heard the words she spoke to me.


and maybe i’m deluded.

12 thoughts on “cameras to me

      1. I think that would do just fine! Normally I hate haikus because most of them can be summed up like this:
        I can’t be bothered
        To write a proper poem
        So read this instead.
        But yours are really poetic and beautiful!

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    1. I scoured my images for (not) hours and was hard pushed to decide what was for the best, Liz. Although the piece is not about PS, it could be! I wonder what other images would elicit? xo

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