The sunlight on the café counter. Clatter, scrape and second cuppa. Stainless, Sheffield. Bowl of sugar. Elbow, knuckle ink and finger butter. Gingham vinyl tablecloth. Spoon song, ketchup, salt and pepper. Bubble. Double egg and chips. Love Me Tender, tiny speaker. The market barker's comedy - Same routine since ninety three. "arfur cue f'fifty pee." … Continue reading Tender.

the ear of the dim-sighted diner.

Considered reckless by some, he could, to these eyes, should the occasion arise, be relied on to act out open heart surgery upon chilled packets of vacuum sealed beetroots and the like. "A pair of old hairdressing scissors, a loose grip on the lingo and a souchon of common. Modus operandi." The running commentary, I … Continue reading the ear of the dim-sighted diner.

Danny The Cow Hill Dreamer.

They piled the sled with a tray barbecue, some boxed hamburger, some bottles of booze, and they each took a turn to pull this prize bundle from Dovecote estate to the top of Cow Hill. The sky, full of futures and the soft snow, balled, was blue to the coast and, maybe, beyond. Danny kissed … Continue reading Danny The Cow Hill Dreamer.

perhaps this is what they call jazz?

they sat in the low light blue smoke of the room and, after a while, running out of things to say, he picked up a guitar and started to strum some rudimentary chords, plucking triads and tripping harmonics and, believing he was, of a sudden, some old blues man, he began to throw in some … Continue reading perhaps this is what they call jazz?

EIF Tanka Challenge: The Results — Experiments in Fiction

The tanka form proved both enticing and challenging, no less for me (for examples, take a look at my Twitter Poetry from Week 3) than for those who took part. 611 more wordsEIF Tanka Challenge: The Results — Experiments in Fiction My poem is up at Experiments In Fiction's Tanka Challenge. Thank you Jane for your … Continue reading EIF Tanka Challenge: The Results — Experiments in Fiction

All Kinds of Everything.

One lunchtime in early 2006 I called on Magic Sam and he said to me, "We had the manager of The Fall in earlier." Really? Sam worked in Beanos (the sign above the door proclaimed - 'The largest second-hand record shop anywhere') and for many years this was the place to hang out. If you … Continue reading All Kinds of Everything.