Old Man Grinner

Caresses ya throat as it passes, it do. Good as gold it is, too. Takes ya right back, that’s what a good drink do. Takes ya right back to the old days. Helps ya remember. Helps ya forget. Or somethink. They’ve bottled old man Grinner. Made a commemorative cider of his home-brew scrumpy. Old Man … Continue reading Old Man Grinner

Mirror (1-3).

I rarely see myself in the day mirror anymore, having learned to disappear myself. The day mirror has become my third eye. The day mirror allows me to become magnificent, mercurial. I enter and leave it at will. Within its frame, I free range and, despite being close enough to kiss your ear, I look … Continue reading Mirror (1-3).

A Tale In Three-Quarter Time.

She sat at the kitchen table and all the what ifs, what weres and what could’ve beens floated around her head as the bread began to rise in the oven. She thought about the summer they'd met. But actually what was there to think about? A collection of soft images, feelings and snatches of conversations. … Continue reading A Tale In Three-Quarter Time.

Elvis Mirror.


Sunshine, honey the length of South Street, blessing nearly every pale shape there. Sunshine smears the terraces with a liberal ease and the windows cannot help but grin. The market is near gridlock with browsers, dawdlers: a mix of locals and grockles. Pushchairs and trolleys chariot. Shopping bags and shoulder bags tangle, and endless people brush. … Continue reading Elvis Mirror.

Coming Down The Line.

The panes blaze yellowblack. Orange rinds the frames. And beyond the flames faces and throats determine to drain the bar. We go in. The Fox & Hound on Pound Street is a moody boozer. Any fool can see that. It bristles. A worn welcome of cheap perfume and tobacco and beer. The smell of damp … Continue reading Coming Down The Line.