The Bristol Arm.


Martin Kettle, once of Stoneyclough (the pronunciation, if I remember correctly, being ‘-cluff’ rather than ‘-clow’), a town a long way north of here, but now resident of Penn Beacon, was stood on a table in the Eight Kings. He was busy sellotaping the corner of a large poster of Bob Dylan high up onto … Continue reading The Bristol Arm.

The Surprising Successes of The Ferraras

I found the following manuscript excerpts when I moved home recently. It was beneath the carpet in the box room & appears to be part of some quite extensive notes for a proposed dissertation/thesis (?) by someone called Henry Eves. Many of the pages were quite unreadable due to damp & many further parts were … Continue reading The Surprising Successes of The Ferraras

Bring A Bake And Birdwatch.

  It was decided that the Penn Beacon Residents' Association Meeting would be held in the back bar of the Eight Kings after the original venue was deemed, at the last minute, to be a possible risk to public health.   The mould, Gareth Turnbull, caretaker, considered, had crept, unchecked, slowly across the kitchen wall … Continue reading Bring A Bake And Birdwatch.