i’m looking at death, you’re looking at life.

but if we could both meet in the middle somewhere

then we will both get to live a little.

the important thing is genes, i guess.

i cry.

look at our fingers.

*looks at fingers*

makes me think about

life and death and everything between.

we laugh at our shadow play

not with ugliness or bitterness,

but with tenderness.

you delight.

8 thoughts on “between.

  1. “And anything in between.” Powerful stuff. I read once that we have two dates that mark of entry and exit from our current existence. And between the two dates is a dash “in between”. It is what we do with the dash that matters. Another great post to start my week. Thank you.

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  2. such a wrenching moment brought me back to the last time I saw my mother alive and the very last time I saw her earthly temple such pain turmoil and beauty in these words true art Master Reeves xoxoxo

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