An anagram of Dorset

West Bay, she said.

Oh, the other side of Golden Cap.

Depends how you look at it.

I Guess.


She recorded ambient noise onto tape.

Well everyone needs a hobby.

And when she returned she brought a gift.

Recording of Chesil Beach.

I play it on headphones when I can’t sleep.

Wake up, 1976.

16 thoughts on “An anagram of Dorset

      1. I feel your pain, anotherkatewilson! However, even with my, ahem, ‘personal’ plan I recently discovered …oh? No video? Still, it puts pay to any further effort beyond actually writing words… so, maybe a good thing! 🙂 What are those guys doing in ‘business’? What other perks come their way?! 😉 xo

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    1. coyote & quail…how brilliant! sirens & jets, not quite as much! must say, i hear more sirens here of late; which is ominous. the jets are few & far between (yes, the occasional into & out of Newcastle, but they are still high and soundless – the international arrivals, certainly the one from Amsterdam, begins its descent down the Tyne before sweeping out & banking in the bay before making its return. it is quite a thrill to be up there – as i remember – the town, the lighthouse, the ships anchored out there, all seen, all familiar, but from an unusual perspective. xo

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      1. Yes, it is an interesting juxtaposition, nature sounds vs. harsh city sounds. The other night I heard a pack of loud coyotes mixed in with multiple sirens. It was difficult to distinguish the two. The jets are from an Air Force base not too close, but close enough to hear flyovers. Thank you for the thoughtful response to my response. 😀 Enjoy your weekend.

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