Roud’s ‘English Year’.

november, this window grows crowded with

an apple, halved avocado, tangerine, sprig of mint.

a ginger root man, a cork, a silver dollar and a hard rubber egg (where did that come from?).

an old yellow zippo, a ufo book, a penny pipe from the thames.

a bracelet and a figure in need of some paint.

a jar of french mustard, that’s lasted all year.

a bulb of spanish garlic, sprouting.

and a cube of hard wood sits here, with the words ‘isis suckling horus’ printed on it.

a compass that i won for orienteering, a wedding ring and eighty-six pence.

a hand labelled bottle of homemade sloe gin. a black banana, a peg for a tent.

a yale key (for what door?), a plectrum.

a sachet of cinnamon powder. a porcupine quill from a friend.

an egg cup bearing the legend ‘nantes‘ (though i’ve never been).

a well-thumbed copy of Roud’s English Year, a sphere of sea glass, a plastic doll’s head.

a peculiar coaster with a map of berlin. a postcard that i meant to send.

a boy in a jar, a laundry receipt, another laundry receipt and a pen.


19 thoughts on “Roud’s ‘English Year’.

  1. A few mysterious items, others ordinary, outdated, and plain, all seemingly randomly placed – rearranged and transformed into creative and rhythmic lines. Well done! How many drafts did you write, or was it one and done?

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