a clutch of gerbera.

i watched a wet cormorant on a rock in a tide pool, her drape wings seeking heat from the bleak october. and at noon i thought of you at your grandmother's funeral, beneath lichen furs, and in the miniature jewels of the yew tree. i imagined you in your annie hall get-up, cradling a clutch … Continue reading a clutch of gerbera.


"...Peterborough." Every home is a new build; even the minaret behind the sidings; even the steeple between the beeches. "...Newalk Northgate." Dun rabbit in a orchard; fenced scrap of scrub - corrugated sheeting. New builds. "...York." Victorian iron & glass, arches. Railway museum. Silver Birch. Sleeper stack, redbrick, flint. Two-up, two-down terrace. Slate. "...Darlington." Sunset … Continue reading 17:30

although this was impossible.

When I was a kid (and sometimes still), i could reach and touch the walls (and the ceiling) from my sheeted bed - although this was impossible. And then, with an advance unstoppable, my bed, the ceiling and the walls could all be touching me. And somewhere still there was (and is) the thrill of … Continue reading although this was impossible.

Barringtone and Stephen EvEns pre-orders OPEN — Onomatopoeia Records

Those lovely folk at Onomatopoeia are keeping buzzy/busy over the coming months with some great releases... It still brings a shiver and a thrill to see cassettes as part of this mighty pantheon (HUM 11)... Ohh, and look! The fabulous Milk & Honey Band have a release also in October! Happy days. Whizz/Bang/Fizz xo   … Continue reading Barringtone and Stephen EvEns pre-orders OPEN — Onomatopoeia Records

one haircut today.

  One haircut today, and that was first thing this morning. My winter duffel was too heavy for the hanger - it snapped. Dinner was a discount cottage pie and yesterday's beer. I dried the crockery on the arse of my jeans. The cutlery I dried on my sleeve. The laundry hangs in the August … Continue reading one haircut today.