Barringtone and Stephen EvEns pre-orders OPEN — Onomatopoeia Records

Those lovely folk at Onomatopoeia are keeping buzzy/busy over the coming months with some great releases... It still brings a shiver and a thrill to see cassettes as part of this mighty pantheon (HUM 11)... Ohh, and look! The fabulous Milk & Honey Band have a release also in October! Happy days. Whizz/Bang/Fizz xo   … Continue reading Barringtone and Stephen EvEns pre-orders OPEN — Onomatopoeia Records

one haircut today.

  One haircut today, and that was first thing this morning. My winter duffel was too heavy for the hanger - it snapped. Dinner was a discount cottage pie and yesterday's beer. I dried the crockery on the arse of my jeans. The cutlery I dried on my sleeve. The laundry hangs in the August … Continue reading one haircut today.

Imagined Matins.

Barely rested, but with fevered beats beneath my skin, I drew her supposed aroma in and out and in again and all around this sleeping creature my world contracted and expanded; and I wondered of her dreaming.   To pass the time I figured cracks, pretended craters, dead seas, frontiered charts across her ceiling. On … Continue reading Imagined Matins.

her ghost.

i still find her on the sill in the dying birthday flowers - near to faded, pretty in the thirsty vase.   her stray hair in the bath, her scrawl on some scrap paper - her receipt, screwed in denim pocket and breathe her for a moment, forever, her surprising sillage   as I pass the chair she … Continue reading her ghost.