#NaShiHaiKuMo2022 Day 30!


Well, if you’re still with us at National Shit Haiku Month (2022), well done! #NaShiHaiKuMo2022 has been a resounding success! Special chocolate necklaces are to be awarded to Kayen Rice, Gunta Binks, Valdis Stakle & Bill Atkins for sterling contributions and determination in the art form. Also, many thanks to many others for continued support throughout the month – chocolate rings are in the mail.

Please join us at the prestigious brown carpet award ceremony in October at the Centre For Shit Haiku (Bristol) where Bill will be crowned as a Shit Haiku Master. There will also be an Eat As Much As You Can Stomach Buffet and bouncy castle.

Thank you all again

sayonara for nowa

keep on keeping on

Nick Reeves & Ingrid Wilson [Shit Haiku HQ]

10 thoughts on “#NaShiHaiKuMo2022 Day 30!

  1. Oh goodness … wasn’t expecting this … haven’t prepared a speech … so many people to thank … award isn’t really mine … honour to be inducted into the Haiku Hall of Shit … just goes to show what can be achieved if you believe in yourself … hope it’s not plain chocolate because I only like milk …

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    1. *looks for, with little hope of finding,
      ‘Personalised | Bournville | Dark Chocolate | Orange | Letterbox Gift | Care Package | Fathers Day | Easter | Birthday | Thank You | Hamper £9.99’ receipt*

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