hescho peech

I took my pen from a pocket and, for no reason that I could comprehend, blacked out several letters in the headings and, with not a notion of Situationist or cut-up theory, but with an urgent and divine energy, The School Speech became he Scho peech, which, in turn, instinctively, could not become anything but … Continue reading hescho peech

Beneath Wrought Iron Ribs.

Beneath wrought iron ribs, Central Station resounds with arrival, with departure. The arch of her lip, her wrist, her notation; these words mark a nascent adventure. * Resounds with arrival, with departure announcement - Newcastle, Durham, Carlisle. These words mark a nascent adventure - candle, cathedral, centurion - beguile. * Announcement - Newcastle, Durham, Carlisle. … Continue reading Beneath Wrought Iron Ribs.

Between two wind-blown trees.

She sheltered her sheets between two wind-blown trees; a worn linden and a sapling juniper. She wrote out her year beneath their dappled leaves, considering the worth of the words on the paper. * A worn linden and a sapling juniper; both told their own long-sown tales and, considering the worth of the words on … Continue reading Between two wind-blown trees.

The Archer’s Postcard.

i. The storm debris of yesterday draws a leitmotif of poems from the ordinary eddies on the stream. Beneath Newcastle Christmas lights, a confederacy of dreamers breeze the streets of King and Queen. * There is also synchronicity - this being the eve of Saint Nicholas ('... archers and repentant thieves') - I see one … Continue reading The Archer’s Postcard.

Ether is the new lozenge

Ether is the new lozenge; you'll find it labelled under lounge. In the library they are reading Boudicca's Cumbrian Crown. Her heart is on her sleeve semi-colon her art is in her mouth full stop * The headlines made the locals cry; "I couldn't breathe for ether." "It breaks your effing heart, it does. What … Continue reading Ether is the new lozenge