cassettes @ Surf Cafe

Hegemony Piccolo Knives Receipts Portland Bill Postcard From Kreuzberg Jackdaws & Witches * First gig since May. The Surf Cafe in Tynemouth. First on, as I like it. That way you don't have to listen to the other acts & get A) nervous, B) bored C) & D). The Surf Cafe is one of my … Continue reading cassettes @ Surf Cafe

Old Vinyl & UFO Kids

Old Vinyl & UFO Kids was recorded at home on a TEAC 2550 1/4" four track machine over the easter of 2004. cassettes' first album is fifteen years old this month. It was the result of a particularly purple patch of writing & though I only play it once a year, still delights. Sometimes (& … Continue reading Old Vinyl & UFO Kids

Communists Are Just P/T Workers

Serial No: 05/03/57 - 24/01/18   Dear                  , re: gruppe Girl/frenz, future ex-wives, F/all-in! Line-up change! You are fired for ordering salad! (d.bowie look-a-like, step down) (rector, spectre, step down) (fiery jack, step!) (bingo master, german athlete, john quays, step down, step down, step down!) * re/memorial can/not … Continue reading Communists Are Just P/T Workers

Darren Hayman – live at Cluny 2 – Newcastle July 8th 2018.

The hardest working man in indie lo-fi pop (Darren Hayman, obviously) is shuffling around on the low, black stage of the Cluny 2 (the Cluny's better, badder, sister venue) in Ouseburn, Newcastle, just prior to playing. The lights are dim, the lights are red. The walls are matt-black. The bar is plyboard. He rubs his … Continue reading Darren Hayman – live at Cluny 2 – Newcastle July 8th 2018.