The Selected Gush (1880-1910)

Letter to The Times Sir - I cannot abide the slender new volume, The Selected Gush (1880-1910). But, who among us, in all honesty, could say they've never once been smitten by her louche, languid lines of lust (described in this very journal as 'fin de siècle erotica')? No! Neither I! I've annotated her verse … Continue reading The Selected Gush (1880-1910)

a balance act

we came at last to an adobe square sun-bleached and honeyed with busy voices. barking market traders hawked their wares - halite, tin and nugget-silver mined from those blue and hazy mountains,  caged birds, of many colours, uttered (though we could not speak their language).  spices sillaged the noon dry air and monkeys, leashed, and feral … Continue reading a balance act


The sunlight on the café counter. Clatter, scrape and second cuppa. Stainless, Sheffield. Bowl of sugar. Elbow, knuckle ink, fingered butter. Gingham vinyl tablecloth. Spoon song, ketchup, salt and pepper. Bubble. Double egg and chips. Love Me Tender, tiny speaker. The market barker's comedy - Same routine since ninety three. "arfur cue f'fifty pee." His … Continue reading Tender.