dream diaries…28

August 23rd 2018 (Edwards Rd.,)

Annie Lennox is playing an intimate gig in Lyme Regis (as she’s on holiday there). It is, she says, a busman’s holiday. “I just can’t help myself, Nick.” I just nod as I don’t know if she is being funny or not. She suggests that I should play too. I am not convinced that this is a good idea.

The Cobb (the harbour) has been decorated to look something like a scene from The French Lieutenant’s Woman. The museum & the coastguards’ building have been given over to Ms. Lennox as a backstage area/green room. This is made clear because both buildings have been draped in lime green chiffon. “Very starlike,” says Kelly H, who has just turned up & is mocking the whole event.


August 24th 2018

“If you can’t kill spiders, how can you expect to be able to lace your boots?”


August 25th 2018

Jogging in the snow with Joe V. The snow is deep & the ground beneath is frozen solid. Joe V likes to talk as he runs. He can barely get his words out between all the huffing & puffing.


Nigel H is DJing at Jayne L & my wedding. How has this happened? He has no records to play! I find some in an old cupboard & hand them to him. He picks out The Buzzcocks’ ‘Singles Going Steady’ album. I’m pleasantly surprised. But, when he puts the needle down onto it, it scratches dreadfully & the music is unlistenable. He pulls out an REO Speedwagon album & puts that on instead. I remind myself never to book him again!

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