dream diaries…50

December 1st 2018.

Norfolk. An amalgam of 2006/now. Anchored in Horning Broad at night. I have left the boat. I am above the boat. I float.

It seems quite natural to see the boat, the water, the surrounding trees, beyond, from up here. What strikes immediately… the line (silver) stretching from the deck down through the water, anchored in the mud. The boat slowly circles – orbits.


December 2nd 2018.

Trevor & Kenny B are fighting on the platform at East Croydon. After all these years; still fighting. It is sad to see. I am sat on the train as it passes through the station. They are slow motion blur.

Their mum used to bring lunch to the shop – bread rolls & tupperware boxes are strewn all over the platform.


December 3rd 2018.

While I was out, someone has been in & taken all the plants and put them in an inch of bath water. I’m confused (because the door is locked), but grateful.


The little toy monkey & the wind-up figures & the little army of lead soldiers line the window sill.





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