cassettes @ Surf Cafe


Piccolo Knives


Portland Bill

Postcard From Kreuzberg

Jackdaws & Witches


First gig since May. The Surf Cafe in Tynemouth. First on, as I like it. That way you don’t have to listen to the other acts & get A) nervous, B) bored C) & D). The Surf Cafe is one of my favourite venues; intimate, funky, alternative, friendly, easy-going, free beer. Played at 7:30 to 40 people (or the other way round). One or two whoops (one welp).

Hegemony is one of my all time songs ( Scritti Politti) and I render it a cappella. I don’t think I’ve done it before, but I sing it often in A) a shower or B) whilst walking or C) or D). It’s a bold way to begin & I know it as well as I know Happy Birthday, National Anthem or Anarchy In The UK – which, actually, it is far far more anarchic/punk rock, lyrically, than anything by the Sex Pistols. Also, it’s a great way to throw yourself out there (where? – there, under the stair, right there).

Piccolo Knives is momentarily my favourite cassette lyrics. Don’t know what it’s about, but, yeah I do. (note to self: write novel with same name)


Receipts… whoop & welp. All I need to do is write another one… but not the same. Or?

Portland Bill: 2004, but wrote itself in 1979. Played it for the first time in years; slow and sinuous.

Postcard… I fall ever in love with & it is always developing.

Jackdaws… allows itself to be slow or fast, maudlin or joyous.


A lovely night. It was particularly brilliant to be remembered by strangers.

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