dream diaries…70

August 21st 2019.

Casey A floats, not so far from the beach, in a rubber dinghy, on the low tide. The sea, I’m told, is a millpond. “No, it isn’t,” I say. “It’s like a millpond.” It is a summer’s day, but the bay is empty. I’m floating in another rubber dinghy.


August 24th 2019.

At a two-track train station. I’m waiting on the platform with a red bicycle. People purchase tickets from the machine and they, too, stand around waiting. Eventually, I can hear a train coming down the line. I check my pocket for my ticket and as I do someone tries to snatch my bike. With some effort I manage to wrestle it free from them and, as I do, a rat suddenly scurries across the platform and leaps onto the tracks. The train arrives immediately after, and I wonder if it survived.


August 27th 2019.

Surprised to learn that Graham T & Emma F are a couple. They sit next to each other at a dinner party thrown by Emma’s mother. Now I feel even more foolish because this is actually their wedding. I search my pockets for a gift.



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