11 thoughts on “Jam jar diorama.

      1. All good Nick, thanks! Healthy anyway. I could use some company. Your little blonde looks pretty good right now. I love the hat. I wonder if she’d ride on the back of a very small motorcycle.

        I finally knocked the dust off Jethro and started a new piece. I’m always glad to see yours; it helps to pull me along…like I’m drafting (Imagine Jackie Stewart saying it).

        Stay cool! Keep your scissors sharp and all that…

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      2. Good, good! Glad to hear it, Ken. Hmm, I hear you. It balances on her head just like a mattress balances on a bottle of wine…

        Excellent! I look forward to the new.

        Peace, brother.


  1. Brilliant! Loving this.
    At last the little people can breathe. That drawer was damn stuffy.
    Over the next few weeks and months look closely at their faces. They will change over time.
    The face of freedom. What does it look like to them?

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