11 thoughts on “be bothered.

  1. Here’s something which I recently felt ought to be done. I was wondering what the Handel aria “Ombra Mai Fu” would sound like with a more aggressive rhythm arrangement. What do you think, Nick? Possibilities?

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    1. Bill!
      You bring the anarchy to aria! I wasn’t aware of Handel’s piece. But if I were to hear it in the future…”man, I swear this is MAWHAG!”

      I enjoy the gliding vocal & the speed of life beats. Possibilities? You just bothered!

      Hope you are well, etc x

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      1. Yeah I’m OK thanks Nick. I hope you are too!
        Sorry to be dim, but what does MAWHAG mean? I just looked it up on Google, and it replied by sniffily asking me “Did you mean ‘Mawang’?”

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      2. Doh!!! Clearly, I suffer from a highly specialised learning disorder – Acronym Blindness!
        I also have a problem with abbreviations . (Or ‘abbs’ as I like to call them).

        My favourite would be those white, sugary mawang pairs which are glued together with a thin slice of cream icing. I haven’t seen such as these for years, so this species of mawang has possibly become extinct. Shame!

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