They tame tigers down that way.

It is my habit to keep your letters, on arrival, unopened on the mantelpiece, among the mementos and dusty treasure, for sometimes up to a week. Anticipation being one of life's sweeter pleasures. Your bold black hand, the seal of tape (security), the amusing doodles of hairy noses, the way you address the envelope Doctor … Continue reading They tame tigers down that way.

the ear of the dim-sighted diner.

Considered reckless by some, he could, to these eyes, should the occasion arise, be relied on to act out open heart surgery upon chilled packets of vacuum sealed beetroots and the like. "A pair of old hairdressing scissors, a loose grip on the lingo and a souchon of common. Modus operandi." The running commentary, I … Continue reading the ear of the dim-sighted diner.

Danny The Cow Hill Dreamer.

They piled the sled with a tray barbecue, some boxed hamburger, some bottles of booze, and they each took a turn to pull this prize bundle from Dovecote estate to the top of Cow Hill. The sky, full of futures and the soft snow, balled, was blue to the coast and, maybe, beyond. Danny kissed … Continue reading Danny The Cow Hill Dreamer.