Run As Fast As You Can, Bear.

21/08/19 My landlord is trying to sell the flat. Linda, the estate agent, leaves a voicemail. 'Good morning. Just to make you aware that __________ has booked to view the property on blah blah blah at blah blah blah.' As always, Linda finishes with, 'Ooh, and Nick, as it's booked for after 5pm, would you … Continue reading Run As Fast As You Can, Bear.

Communists Are Just P/T Workers

Serial No: 05/03/57 - 24/01/18   Dear                  , re: gruppe Girl/frenz, future ex-wives, F/all-in! Line-up change! You are fired for ordering salad! (d.bowie look-a-like, step down) (rector, spectre, step down) (fiery jack, step!) (bingo master, german athlete, john quays, step down, step down, step down!) * re/memorial can/not … Continue reading Communists Are Just P/T Workers