Communists Are Just P/T Workers

Serial No: 05/03/57 – 24/01/18

Dear                  ,

re: gruppe

Girl/frenz, future ex-wives, F/all-in!

Line-up change!

You are fired for ordering salad!

(d.bowie look-a-like, step down)

(rector, spectre, step down)

(fiery jack, step!)

(bingo master, german athlete, john quays, step down, step down, step down!)



can/not forget

w/hole family hunched

in front of PC

scree/n (‘what’s a computer?’) confusion!

awe/struck, dumb/struck, stricken!

monitor! monitor!


he is carry bag man, amp fiddler, riddler: slang king.

(serial number 15149)!



Roll up!

Co-op jeans!

Scroll on.

Stroll up!

“Up the stairs, mister!”

Mark E – Cha-Cha!

Much missed-ah!

[Hideous Doggerel IV]


In 2006, I had the unexpected pleasure of supporting MES & the Fall group at the Cartoon Club, Croydon, over, what was to become, a four night residency. It remains one of the most memorable & reMark/E/able experiences of my life-ah!

Recommended, oft amended list/play…

Garden (Peel Sessions 23/03/83)
Athlete, Cured (Peel sessions 19/05/87)
Dog Is Life/Jerusalem (Kurious Orange 1988)
The Classical! (Hex Enduction Hour 1982)
Midnight In Aspen (Fall Heads Roll 2005)
A New Face In Hell (Grotesque After The Gramme 1980)
Spectre Vs Rector (Dragnet 1979)
Paintwork (This Nation’s Saving Grace 1985)
Birmingham School of Business School (Code Selfish 1992)
Blindness (Peel Sessions 12/08/04)
Bill Is Dead (Extricate 1993)
Sparta FC (Moscow Road bootleg)
Slang King! (Frightening… 1984)
Riddler! (Bend Sinister 1986)
The Mixer (Peel Sessions 23/03/91)
Petty Thief Lout (This Nation’s Saving Grace 1985)

the fall oct 2015

Many thanks, much love.

Insect Posse: Clap! Clap!


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