dream diaries…35

September 10th 2018 (Whitley Bay)

Peter M is making a porn movie. It is rubbish & obviously just an excuse for him to get hold of his clients. He lurks over the top of their pale bodies & jerks into their hair. He wears dreadful shoes!

Nick B arrives on set (in an advisory capacity). He offers to write a script for PM. It turns out to be brilliant! PM is so pleased with the results. “I cannot pay you, but how about a part in the next movie?”

PM soon regrets this decision as NB turns out to be an a natural in the porn film business. PM, stood at the side of the set while NB & a woman writhe on the floor, says to me, “Is this blank verse?” “Oh, no,” I say. “It is method acting.”


September 11th 2018.

There are too many plates.


September 12th 2018.

I’m spending three nights in a boutique hotel, learning German, by the sea. Jane M is in town. She is looking for antiques for her flat. We walk along the seafront, pausing here & there at market stalls. She is drawn to a rug that is draped over a stall. An Irish man explains the deal: the cost, the origins of the rug, how to clean it, etc. It seems very complicated to me, but JM eventually purchases the rug & walks off with it over her shoulder. “Auf weidershon,” I shout after her. The Irish man stares at me in confusion.

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