note to self.

she hands me a book and i say,

i will return this someday

(it’s a line that people often phrase).

i know that i won’t, but i will lift her

from the margin and the page

and return the gift in different ways.


i barely recall the tale’s name

but her hand, her footnotes,

her annotation – they remain.

here, her shadow, her fingerprint;

here, a word – underlined. and, here,

a heart shape. so i take my pen –



note to self: what does this all mean?








15 thoughts on “note to self.

  1. I used to gift books whenever I made it to the third date with someone. I gave quite a few, and I never regretted it.

    Once, though, there was this fellow that I was really infatuated with; he had a passion for Dostoevsky, and so do I. I brought him a first-portuguese-edition The House of The Dead that I had collected from a used bookshop liquidation in peripheral Lisbon. He didn’t show up. I still have the book, but it sure did shatter my heart.

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    1. João-Maria,
      Thank you for this beautiful and sad story. That was clearly some infatuation!

      The sadness being the fictional nature of the romance. The beauty being in the kindness of your heart.

      But, mostly in the phrase ‘…liquidation in peripheral Lisbon’ – which is a novel I shall treasure forever!

      …So, where shall we go for our fourth date?! 😉

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  2. Both the poem and miniature are both amazing. I love the figure looking up at the page ( and what a great touch the underlying) as if this is a large painting at a gallery. I really can’t emphasize how well done this is!

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  3. Nick, I’m responding to ‘stuff about your stuff’ here because there is no place for comment on that page. Lately I’ve been thinking about Horses a lot. I recently read an article about Patti Smith that was supposedly about catching up with her but the whole article was about Horses. I think it’s interesting and telling that her album, almost 50 years old, gets called out on your list. I can’t imagine what it’s like to record your divinely inspired work as your first attempt. I still listen to Land frequently (Alexa, play Land by Patti Smith). and every time it shocks me how good it is.

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    1. Jeff, thanks for getting back!

      Despite and because of its production (the coup of getting J. Cale onboard and thus enhancing the RnR magic]- tinny, alive, a little ragged – it seems, you’re right, to capture so much about what is dear to me about RnR. Lyrically, it is genius – again a superb blend of dream, poetry; love, lust, desire, myth, life, death. I love the referencing to older RnR – it still seems (and more so now) to have captured something magical. I still believe in the RnR dream, but Horses has its own chapter.

      It still makes me giggle though – the Johnny Rotten quote from ’76 when asked of his opinion on this album – “‘orses? ‘orseshit more like!” – Clearly he was wrong, but, yeah, funny! [I have to use this quote whenever Horses is mentioned; just for giggles n shits!]


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