Your colour schemes delight.

Someone has complained of the beach weed stench - this beach stinks is etched into a bench. Next to this someone has penned for consideration You a bitch and your mum is a fish • The queue for chicken bones, the hound shite footprints, the coven of the blameless, detail the carpet, the sand and … Continue reading Your colour schemes delight.

Run As Fast As You Can, Bear.

31/08/19. Fast food wrappers waft the grey parades. Peter Smart is not at work today. Today he is in Jarrow at his ex-sister-in-law’s baby’s christening. “On a Saturday?” Sunday, surely, is the traditional day for such an event?   *   Tanya arrives late. She twitches. She shrugs at her hangover. She will not be redeemed … Continue reading Run As Fast As You Can, Bear.

spoke of weal

donate some more american pie, turn out, top-shelf, reward of pliny. rear up and spear, spoon and sprout. and soon send several suppers weekly.   she knew there was something wrong with the elders - kids hidden in the men of yesterday's pages, spoke of weal, sopping papers, misbehaviour. put up the hunt was the trick … Continue reading spoke of weal