Danny The Cow Hill Dreamer.

They piled the sled with a tray barbecue,

some boxed hamburger, some bottles of booze,

and they each took a turn to pull this prize bundle

from Dovecote estate to the top of Cow Hill.

The sky, full of futures and the soft snow, balled,

was blue to the coast and, maybe, beyond.

Danny kissed a diced fist, dissing Byker and Blyth

and Dovecote estate from the top of Cow Hill.

13 thoughts on “Danny The Cow Hill Dreamer.

    1. Hey Jerry. Thanks for this ^
      Just goes to show about lines, doesn’t it.
      This one spent all night on the operating table and even after much poking and prodding, still came through! But it was touch and go! Thanks for your support.


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