Stippling. #Gleam – Journal of The Cadralor.

Many thanks to Lori and the editorial team at Gleam: Journal of the Cadralor for deciding to publish my Cadralor in their latest issue (iv). The form is relatively new to me and appealed at once because of its visual qualities. There is a filmic sense to Cadralor poetry that fits well with the way I like to write. Cadralor poetry allows for multi-layering of clips and scenes and this effect can be developed over the five given stanzas with some resolution in the final: this appeals, also.

I attended the Zoom publication reading gala on Saturday night (Live from Denver, Colorado! – Got dressed up and everything!) and was delighted to find that Ingrid Wilson from Experiments in Fiction was also in attendance and reading some of her work. Together we represented the UK and were made more than welcome by our excellent Cadralor cousins from over the pond! A wonderful event! Thank you, Lori and team! x



Haiku littering the high street

Paper lanterns blushing fruit trees

Favourite corduroy cowboy shirt


Five pale horses encircle her

flat stones stipple millpond surface

tomorrow bows her narrow back


Many years had passed since then

his echoes gathered like ghost crowds

Such language! She giggled and she sighed


The blood black around his grin

penny-eyed glued to the paving

Her calf her brow half shadowed


The wet magic of the well rope

the old world is now just memory

still the Spanish mountains sparkle.

11 thoughts on “Stippling. #Gleam – Journal of The Cadralor.

  1. I love this!

    I am glad you are here – I hadn’t seen your posts coming through in a while – somehow I got unsubscribed! I’m back, and so glad.

    This is my absolute favorite blog on the interwebs, Nick Nick!


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