November Beckons

Yesterday, a photograph –

acorns, on a table, jarred –

appeared before me. Curiously,

the reverse revealed a label, written;

sinistral, spectral; snared within

open quote marks, reckoning

October, nineteen ninety-five.


Inclining from the past to present,

the ink, faded and reminiscent

of early morning light as this

November beckons, reminding

me that memory and friendship,

and, yes, acorns, on a table, jarred,

remain as mighty as the oak.

*[photo: Glenn White @ Wild Life blog]

22 thoughts on “November Beckons

  1. Striking imagery and powerful message, Nick. It occurred to me that, like the seeds found preserved in the pyramids of Egypt, each acorn probably still has the potential to grow. So, in a small, forgotten jar there may be dozens of magnificent oak trees!

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    1. I received the photograph from two university friends, Cheryl. I had given the jar of acorns to them on Hallowe’en 1995 (though, in all honesty I have no memory of this! – though it does sound the sort of thing I Would do). They had, quite brilliantly, carried it from home to home to home since then and now, leaving the nature reserve that they have been living on, are doing just that – giving them back to the earth. Wonderful!

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