Some hems, some hums, some uh-huhs.

They sat around in the low light and the blue smoke of the room and after a while he picked up a guitar and started to strum some rudimentary chords, plucking triads and tripping harmonics and, believing he was, of a sudden, some rough blues man, he began to throw in some hems, some hums, … Continue reading Some hems, some hums, some uh-huhs.

And When I Sleep, Luella. [vi]

When I Sleep (postcard 2/3) 2013

She woke beneath a kitchen table. There was dust on the lino and snow on the rooftops. But now the snow had stopped falling. She was wearing someone else's jumper. Heavy, handwoven, Hebridian sky blue with daisy motif. She stared at the yellow woollen stamen, white perfect petals, the blue. She pretended it the morning … Continue reading And When I Sleep, Luella. [vi]

The Definitive Slide.

It started to rain, so I dripped into The Eight Kings. The usual liquid-lunchers, afternoon boozers, the work-shy, the free. The knock-off merchants, too, and the old. The two-for-one crowd with the pushy pushchair. I could hear Snoyle laughing it up with the bookie boys behind me. They were playing a game of cards. Far too … Continue reading The Definitive Slide.

And When I Sleep, Luella. [iii]

When I Sleep (postcard 2/3) 2013

Engine hum. Shudder. Someone got off, someone on. A starling of a woman, perched further down the bus, leapt from her seat with a gasp, like she'd awoke late in a grave. She gaped and gawped bleak window glass. Took what she could. Letitia counted off the clipped heads as the  woman flapped down the … Continue reading And When I Sleep, Luella. [iii]

paperback rabbits.

he set a tarpaulin beneath two shadowed trees and spread his proceeds all around. he sat in the sand & handed out sheaves & read out the names of the things he had found.   he promised attainment, elopement & seed, proffered score journals to prove he was sound. pulled paperback rabbits from warrens of … Continue reading paperback rabbits.