Jackdaws & Witches.

Penshawscratches in the sunlight/…cassettes



Jackdaws & witches tapping

watches, stripping you to the bone.

Some still can’t say your name

without stretching

all the wrong vowels.

I hear your voice.

I’m ankle-deep in bluebells.

My red penknife unfolds,

I’m scratching your initials.

Trapdoors every Monday morning.

Cornflowers, my boots are soiled.

The grey birds, they are clapping

the pear tree in the orchard.

There is no noise

beyond the kitchen window.

The water boils.

My shadow on this table


Ghost ships in the bay,

like playthings.

I’m on a hill in a faux Greek temple.

You’re in the cold clouds

close to heaven.

And, on the beach,

the waves keep falling









2 thoughts on “Jackdaws & Witches.

  1. Yes, please and thank you for making. Lovesome words. Also, I only recently heard of jackdaws, but even more recently discovered their ‘alliance’ with grackles. So yeah, birds I know but have never seen. Words, huh? Dig this much.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, thank you, also. Kindly, like. Oh, I knows them jackdaws, but until you mentioned, had never heard of *the grackles. What lovely, stern, flat-iron heads they have on their blue shoulders.
    *greatish band name.
    Yeah, words, huh!


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